History of longboards

Image result for longboardingLongboard which is also known as skateboard is one of the favorite and loveable sports for people in US and Europe. It has so far not gained that kind of momentum in Asian countries but it is fast catching up in other countries like Australia, Singapore, and Russia etc.

Longboarding requires practice to maintain the equilibrium because it does not have any support system to hold onto. This becomes more dangerous if it gathers speed more than you can run and since it does not have any mechanism to put brakes hence it is not advised to speed up. Regarding braking, there is no universally accepted solution but it is said that if the longboard is speeding beyond your ability to run then you should jump sideways with a balance.

With respect to braking, people have carried out another customization in the longboard design such that they have added the rope at the tip of the board and the other end is tied to the hands of surfer. In case if the longboard gathers speed and surfer has to run sideway then s/he can get hold of the longboard from going further.

Another very famous customized version the longboards is seen in parts of Mexico and Brazil where the platform is created in curve form on both sides and then the surfers run through these well-furnished and smooth surfaces. The curve gives them necessary momentum to remain in air for some time during which they showcase their talent of curving, rotating before landing back on the curve to slide down.

As I mentioned above, longboard has come up with many variants and design and one of the most familiar and reasonable customization is land peddling. The longboard has one long pole which is used to stir the longboard forward and provide direction as if swimming the small boat in the water.

The basic requirement for the longboards is the smooth surface where they can be run through. In some places in US, people are using longboards for commuting from their homes to the destination. One of the pizza delivery center in US has their delivery boys use longboards for sending out the deliveries. According to them, this mode of transport is very convenient and time saving because it can be done on the road, sideways, subways etc. and if there is a blockage surfer can simply pick the longboard and move past the obstacle and start the journey all over again.

With all the varieties of longboards available in the market it gets so confusing. I love the best longboard’s list from AuthorityAdviser. It helped me choose the best one for me.

Look at this awesome longboarding feat here:

4 Common Questions About Budget Gaming Mouse (2017)

As much as I always talked about sports, as in active sports games, i do have readers who are sportsmen in the area of gaming too! (Hey, they are really good gamers!) Hence, I want to share a short review about a gaming kit which can help fellow gamers out there – the gaming mouse!

Like any other tech product, the gaming mice is full of specifications you might not be able to comprehend.

They also come in many different types, shapes, color and sizes. So it’s quite a challenging task to pick the right one, not even if you have a list of best budget gaming mouse to choose from with a pretty comprehensive buyer’s guide guding you along.

Today, you are in luck, thanks to AuthorityAdviser for the information, we could address some of the most common questions gamers have when deciding whether is budget gaming mouse the right choice.

Without further ado let’s jump right in!

Question #1: Should I avoid buying cheap gaming mice?

This question strongly suggests that all low-end gaming mice are poorly made and unreliable. Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions, pal. Indeed, there are a lot of knock-off gaming mice out there that are sold at unbelievably cheap prices. But, there are also a few ones that you can actually trust. Several budget gaming mice such as the Logitech G402 for instance, are also highly functional and are strongly built. Low-priced product does not always mean that it is also low quality.

Question #2: I always hear abbreviations like FPS, MMO etc. What do they exactly mean?

FPS is short for first-person shooter while MMO is the abbreviation for Massive Multiplayer Online. These are actually game genres. FPS games, as the name suggests, are games where the primary goal is to primarily shoot enemies. Prominent examples of FPS games are Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Quake, The Culling and the list goes on. For MMO games, the most popular ones are World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars etc. On the other hand, these game genre names also correspond to the type of mouse that is best fitted for playing these games. For FPS games, a FPS gaming mouse will spice up your game. For MMO games, a MMO gaming mouse is most appropriate.

Question #3: Can I still have a good game even if I’m using a budget gaming mouse?

Definitely, yes. Some budget gaming mouse are actually powerful enough to make the game a great one. Some budget gaming mice, such as the Red Dragon Perdition is impressively powerful with 1,000 Hz polling rate, 18 programmable buttons and an ultra-comfortable grip design. There are a lot of affordable and high-quality gaming mice out there so you just have to pick the right one. Furthermore, the biggest difference of affordable gaming mice to their expensive competitors is primarily the extra customized gaming experience they offer. The high-quality low-end gaming mouse can pretty much do the job very well and unless you’re competing for a DOTA tournament where millions of prize dollars are at stake, I would not recommend buying extremely expensive gaming mice for casual players.

Question #4: What are the best budget FPS and MMO mice in the market now?

There are a few ones I could personally vouch on in terms of their functionality, design and durability. I would personally recommend gaming mice units such as the Logitech G300, Logitech G402, and Zowie FK2. I’d also add to that the Razer DeathAdder Chroma. I know Razer as a company has quite a shaky reputation but trust me on this one. The Razer DeathAdder is actually the titan of the litter.

For MMO players, I’d recommend the RedDragon Perdition and the RedDragon M601. All of these budget gaming mouse units share a superb DPI, an extra responsive polling rate, a generous set of programmable buttons, a comfortable design and easy grip along with other nice features.

These are just four of the biggest questions that most gamers are thinking about. Thanks to them, your biggest doubts and dilemmas are all answered. If you wish to learn more about it, you could follow them on Facebook!

Importance of sports in your child’s daily routine

Image result for Importance of sports in your child's daily routine

Childhood is the most important phase of life. This is the time when your child’s brain develops the most. It is very important that the development is multi facet. One of the worst things that you can do to your child is to force him/ her to just study, study and study. I am sure everyone has heard the famous saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Apart from studies, you should also encourage your child to take part in all possible co-curricular activities. In today’s digital world the significance of sports has increased manifold. If your child does not go out to play with friends, he will keep watching TV or playing video games. This can cause serious damage to the eyes.

If you want your child to excel at studies, it is imperative that he takes part in sports and other activities also. Exercising regularly leads to stronger bones and muscles. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Playing sports is not only a recreational activity, but it teaches us a lot indirectly. When you play a sport like basketball or volleyball, you need to be mentally alert and focus very well. This improves your child’s concentration. In such group sports, you need to also co-ordinate with other team members. This implicitly imbibes makes you a team player. Sports also teach us the importance of strategizing and tactics. You can also find good read about sports online.

As a parent it is your responsibility to help your child balance both studies and sports. You must practice what you preach. If you ask your child to stay fit, you must first exercise yourself. Accompany your kid to public parks or arrange a trainer. If you own a Seaside Residence (and if you don’t have one go and buy  a sea view condo right away), you must motivate your child to go for swimming. In a hot country like Singapore, swimming comes as a respite from heat and humidity. It freshens you up. If you are tired because of physical activities, you will fall asleep quicker. A deep sleep is very important for brain development. But, make sure that you do not push your child for extreme workout if he is not ready.

Teach your child that it is very important to do the physical activity today in order to shape their future. Unless you have a healthy body, you cannot enjoy any of the life’s fruits. You will have lower risk of developing diseases in older age. Participating in sports and other health activities also gives you the chance to meet several other people. You never know, you can find ‘friend for life’ in one of those friends. To know the benefits in detail check out below:

A guide to practice yoga at home

Yoga is gaining its popularity among many working adults that we have come across. It is an activity that has helped many people to distress. In busy cities we have seen a rise in number of signups in Yoga classes singapore and hong kong .

Now, if you were to do yoga at home, would it be better, or the worse?

Here with us at Try All Sports, is a yoga student who has started learning yoga since 2012, and she shares with us the benefits of doing yoga at home, and a guide for you if you like to do it at home too!

Let’s welcome Jenny!

Nowadays were having a hard time to plan our daily routine, we are thinking most of the time to have some work to sustain our daily needs. Well that is not bad but sometimes we forgot to take care of ourselves.

If you have a hectic schedule and you just wanted to stay at home rather than going to gym to have exercise and pay for it and the solution to this is doing yoga. Here are some tips for you to do yoga without leaving your home.

Tip number one, look around at your place and find a comfortable spot for your yoga practice. It is more convenient to do your yoga exercise in a place where is peace and quiet and as much as possible be in a place that gives you a big space to do yoga.

After finding a spot for you to perform yoga place your yoga mat unrolled, if you want something to add spice or thrill try things like candles which has aroma on it to make you feel more comfortable.

Tip number two, get your yoga accessories. Yoga mat is the only thing you needed to perform your exercise but you can add something up which could be more convenient for you.

Bring out your artistic side to decorate your surroundings but actually this is not needed because if you overdo it maybe you will not be interested in doing your exercise.

It is advisable that your surrounding must be peaceful, quiet and can make you comfortable and be able to focus.

Tip number three stay safe, prevent injury. Before performing poses you should have a warm up exercise first for a couple of minutes, you must take care of yourself and don’t push too much to do such pose. Remember always to watch your boundaries you don’t have a mentor or instructor that can help you when you are getting injured.

Tip number four, choose your yoga style or routine. Ask yourself what does your body and mind need. Pick a teacher and a style that will help you in your exercises, that is suitable for you. Having a teacher to discuss to you all the basics things you need to know and try to observe every detail your mentor is teaching is a great help.

Somehow you might notice some poses that is hard for you and if that happens don’t push too much to perform that because it can only lead to injury. Remember safety first.

Tip number five, enjoy your practice. If you find it hard to perform such poses don’t push yourself to do so since every one of us has limitations, so don’t overdo it. Just enjoy yoga because if not you will never achieve what you want.

Tip number six, always stay relaxed and practice yoga regularly. After having yoga you better have some relaxation time, it is important for you and in fact you really needed it.

Don’t make all of your time just doing yoga, your body needs to relax too and also think that you still need to have enough energy for other things you must do. You must do it regularly, set specific time when you will do it. Add this to your daily routine, so get your mat and practice more.

I hope these tips does help you prepare your home for yoga sessions. If you are interested into yoga, you can also check out this video on weight loss yoga, on youtube. It might be a little advanced, but these exercises are helpful for you, and can be done at home as well.


Thank you Jenny for your detailed sharing! We believe this sharing of your yoga experience will inspire more people to take up yoga, even if it is at a big class, or a private session at home.

Love to read more interviews? Let us know!

See you at the next Try ALL Sport edition.

Is Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck worth 16 million?

Lots of talks has been surrounded around the latest player purchase for the EPL 2014/15 season. There are clubs who spend hundreds of millions on new players, while modest clubs like Arsenal just spend enough to get the right players.

One player who caught our attention is Danny Welbeck. His transfer to Arsenal on deadline date shocked many, as he grew up in Manchester, and even played for ManUtd his whole entire career. He’s just sold to their rival Arsenal for 16 million pounds.

Anyway, that’s old news. Danny has made an impact by scoring his first career hat-trick with Arsenal in the Champions League. Today, he’s on the headlines.

He just helped Arsenal knocked out his old club, Manchester United out of the FA Cup. Two thumbs up for Danny, and Two thumbs down for Man Utd, for going trophy-less for the second straight season.


So the question is… Is Danny Worth 16 million?

Before the quarter finals game, all odds were against Arsenal. They have not won at Old Trafford since 2006. And they have not even beaten Man Utd in their last (forgot the count!) number of games! Not to even mention, Arsenal got beaten at home this season in the league with LVG’s worst defence.

The only difference Arsenal had this time, is an almost fit squad, with bigger name players like Ozil, Sanchez in their lineup. Now, we can add in Danny Welbeck too. Check out this decisive goal that came back to haunt Louis Van Gaal in his words “Danny Welbeck is not good enough for Man Utd”.

Danny has eight goals and a couple of assists to his name. Is he worth the 16 millions Arsene bought him for? That’s too early to know. But we can at least conclude, he is worth as much as knocking Man Utd out of the FA Cup.

This article is written with a slight biasness because the writer is a fan of Arsenal. Take it easy, Man Utd fans!

Taking up yoga? Here’s why you need a Singapore yoga instructor!

Yoga is one of the most popular sports practiced by people all over the world. Move over football, move over soccer. They may take all the attention from the world’s media, but it is yoga that has been shaping the health of many people behind the scenes!

If you are keen on taking up yoga, then read on!


There are a number of reasons one would gain by joining yoga classes. The benefits associated with this kind of exercises are enough to attract anyone to join Classicyoga for lessons. The following are some of the truths you would enjoy when you hire your Singapore yoga instructor.

People who go for these classes have a better feeling afterwards. In the stressful world of today, you need to find a way of winding off stress and refocus your energies afresh. Yoga exercises helps lift up the mood and reduce anxiety.

Yoga can be used to keep heart diseases at bay. Although it is not clear how this happens, there are indications that yoga helps reduce the amount of risk factors attributed to heart problems. Therefore, taking yoga exercises can help reduce chances of heart problems.

People who take yoga exercises are very flexible. Yoga makes one more flexible for a long time. This is totally different from the normal stretching people undertake from time to time. This has been proven through scientific research. When you join Classicyoga, you will be trained on how to enjoy the full benefits of yoga.

People who practice yoga regularly are able to slow down the process of aging. It is helpful for older people who have various health problems related to their advancing age. Yoga exercises, help people develop strong bones and flexible muscles. Seniors who take these exercises are able to maintain their balance.

Some people seek the services of Singapore yoga instructor in order to lose some weight. This is not correct. It has been proven that yoga exercises actually reduce your metabolism. Therefore, if you intend to shed some weight, it would help you to find alternative avenues other than yoga. Your instructor is in a good position to help you find a method that will suit your circumstances.

To add on, you can also understand more about yoga and its health benefits it can bring to you. Resources like Women’s Health Magazine provides tips for ladies who are keen on taking up Yoga.


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Is your team up for extreme sport activity?

Are your team up for extreme sports?

When companies think of things to do for their departments, one of the ideas are usually about sports. Football, Tennis, Basketball and so on. Of course, all these are sports that can get the people together and have fun. However, that’s not what most people are going for. After all, they can do these simple sports themselves outside their own working hours.

What companies are looking at, are the extreme sports that their people can take part. No no, I’m not talking about sky diving or parachuting. That’s too extreme. I’m referring to those physical high elements games that companies would like to have when they have their corporate retreat. For Singapore, it can be activities like rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, ‘flying-fox’. These games require a certain physique and strength from the participants.

Teams with young people will love them. It gives them the challenge to do something out of their comfort zone. It challenges them to take up a new activity that they will hardly try it out themselves. Here are some of the clips of these physical team games.

On the other hand, not many company staff would enjoy them. People who are in their early 40s may not appreciate them because they are not as strong and fit as those young ones. If the company insist on bringing them out for these activities, they may realise that most of them would sit out of the games, and wait for less physical ones. These people are also usually in higher management, and they may have tried these outdoor adventure games when they are younger.

So what type of games do these senior folks go for?

Activities that will challenge their way of thinking. They want to play games that will get them to think more than to move more. Thinking games are hard but people love these type of puzzles. Once they solve it, they are really happy. It can be the same excitement as the young guys who climb to the top of the rock wall.

Companies like Deep Impact Pte Ltd Singapore organise highly experiential teambuilding that gets everyone in the company to be involved and solve challenges that makes them think hard, and challenge them to think out of the box. This whole experience will get them to learn and relate back to their workplace.

For high elements games, places like Bintan is famous for that and you can engage trainers and facilitators in the Bintan resort itself for those games. The trained facilitators will guide you to ensure your safety while you are playing them.

So, is your team up for the challenge?

There’s not one answer to it. Just find the most suitable challenge and face them!

A brand new TA Sports Office for 2015

Yes. We may be quiet. But we are not gone! We know that the sports scene has erupted ever since world cup 2014. Germany has been crowned champions, but that’s not the point.

Germany won the hearts of many, including the women who love watching the guys playing football. Alright, a little bit of banter here.

Just some updates as we head into 2015. We are moving office! We are seeing some growth right here, and we want to make sure everyone is with us for the next few years. We have locked in a few locations for our new office.

Office set up wise, we are looking for comfortable settings. We are journalists by the way, and computer usage is more than 8 hours a day. Hence, there definitely needs to be a healthy standee for everyone to work on the desk in the right posture.

All office tables and chairs will be purchased by our colleague, Roger. He may be a quiet guy but he’s quite into these type of interior design stuffs. He’s always on the lookout for new office chairs for sale in the open market. By the way, we are not a big public company who has tons of money. We are starting a company, and building our way up. Hence, there needs to be financial savviness in managing money.

Only if we are like ESPN… and their office is like …



Alright. No photos now. But you get what we mean.

An open table, with 1 laptop to each journalist/writer.

Maybe.. just maybe… we have a small corner for relaxation and play time. Of course, we hope to grow as big, and then have office layout like





These are our main aim. Maybe our goal to be accomplished in 5 years – 2020.

Meanwhile, Here are some of our past articles in 2014. Hope you enjoy what we have shared. We know we may still fall short in some areas, hence we will do our best this year to provide more good stuff for you!

Article 1: Why I will teach my child sports

Article 2: What sports can teach your child about teamwork

Article 3: Luxury Homes of Famous Sports Stars

That’s about it! We will be back! Watch us for 2015!

Luxury Properties of Football Stars

For today’s topic on sports, we move a little outside the football arena. Wait, we are still talking about football, but not about the game. We are talking about its football stars and their luxury lifestyle. We all know they make millions of dollars every year. With that kind of salary, what houses do they get?

Take a look at this list of highest paid football stars.

The one who came up top is Cristiano Ronaldo. We are sure you know who he is. He worked his way up from the bottom to the top, and we have to give him credit for that. Based on the FORBES list, the Real Madrid star earns about 52 million a year. So the house he stays…


Looks quite magnificent, isn’t it?

How about another football star who is always compared to C. Ronaldo? Yes, we are talking about Messi. We can’t find much about Messi’s house openly like other stars, but we did find out that he intend to have his house design his way.

Check it out!


The Barcelona star earns about 41.7 million a year. That house looks more like a parliament house. That is an artist impression though. We are still waiting to see what’s inside his house. Will it be messi (pun intended)?

How about the once-adored David Beckham? He may have retired from the sports, but we know how famous and wealthy he is. His endorsements is probably more than his wages. The retired ex-England Captain retired in 2013 with his last game with PSG.

Since then, he has his own fashion label, among many other businesses he has. And his house…


Is that a house?

No! it’s a Palace! The latest news today is that the palace is on sale. Not sure why, but it would be interesting to check out who would be the next buyer. Any names?

**Our Sports Writer dream house:


Our sports writer based in Singapore shared with us his new dream home. Yea, it may not be that impressive as those you see just above, but the North Park Condo is just right for our modest writer. It’s his first new home, so let’s give him some encouragement. Maybe, just maybe, when he grow our site Try-All to a world sports site, then he can be one of the interested buyers for Beckham’s palace.

Which other famous sportsmen houses impresses you? Do share with us below!



What can sports teach you about building a strong team?

team leadershpWhenever we watch sports, there will be two teams of audience. The first team of audience will be interested in the results of the game. Who’s winning? Who scored the goal? What happened during the match? Who’s the man of the match?

On other hand, we have the second team of audience, people who are interested in the build up of the play. They will throw up with statements like “Wow, they can really work well!” “The team manager must have played his star players at the right position” “The team who win deserved it because of a combined effort!”

Did you see the difference?

Many sport enthusiast will focus on the first group of audience – the people who are interested in the fun of the game. However, sports is not just about a score. It is also not about super star players only. Many companies and executives have used sports as a topic to inculcate teamwork, leadership, team spirt, and peak performance.

No, we are not referring to getting the executives to train up and learn to play sports as a team. They are using the strong principles behind winning teams in sports to apply to their corporate work culture. They will analyse the core winning principles why some sport teams flourish, while some flounder.

As shared by TeamTrainingSingapore on team leadership, “If we analyze sports, you will see that winning teams are successful not because of a superstar player, but of a superstar team. Only when you have people who can work together and achieve together, then you can have a winning team.”

Team Training Singapore focuses on developing teams in Singapore through its leadership training and team building in Singapore and about Asia.

Now, let’s look closer to what makes a winning team. First, it is definitely the team manager. The manager has to know how to lead, and where to lead its people. This goes the same for companies. The CEO is the one leading the company. He has to know where the team is going, and know how to bring them there.

Just like a sports team, the CEO has to set the goals for the team to work towards them and achieve. The goals have to be clear, and everyone must understand the goal clearly. Clarity is power. When the leader is clear, the team members will be clear.

What’s next after the leader? Everyone in the team! 

Most leadership principles focus on the leader only, and not on the team members. That’s a big mistake. The leader is good only if he has a good working team behind him. When the team is able to focus on a core mission and work together towards that mission, then we have a strong team here!

The team members must also know their individual role. Just like an orchestra. Even though it is made up of different instruments, every musician know specifically what their role is in the orchestra, and they know what to play.

This is exactly the same for the corporate team. Yes, people have their own roles, and they have to be clear about their own roles. Only this way, we can maximise the person’s potential. When everyone in the team plays to their best in their role, the whole team is a high performing team!

Hence you see, sports is never about kicking a ball around, seeing a manager shouting from his bench, or players hugging one another in celebration. There are science, principles and lessons to learn behind building each winning team.

Now you have come to the end of the article. The way you look at sports and leadership will not be the same again.