Why I will teach my child sports

When we talk about education for a child, we always include sports as one of the education that we would like our children to develop in. You see, most parents focus more on the academic side of education, such as learning new languages, learning how to draw, picking up a musical instrument.

These aspect of education do have their own benefits. However, they always take precedence over sports. Sports, to some parents, are seen as ‘play’. Some may even see it as playing time, and children may not learn so much about life from playing sports.

However, this is really wrong. In this article, I will share why I want to get my child to pick up a few sports right from a young age. Don’t get me wrong! I’m still going to send him to school, and probably one or two enrichment classes. Unlike most parents, sports will be a priority.

As a sportsman myself, I can say sports really benefit my life. Fitness wise, I can say I am kind of healthy and fit to run 10km easily, even at age of 40 years old. Mind you, I’m still working full-time in a corporate job, and my only exercise time is in the morning before I start work. But being involved in sports during the weekend has helped my fitness up.

Other than just fitness, sports can help me to build bonds with people, especially my colleagues. Through playing sports, I even connected with my old school mates of almost 30 years. I play different sports, such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, and Badminton. These sports are mostly team games and this give me the chance to work in teams with people, even strangers whom I know through the game itself.

If we look further into sports, and if you do play sports, you will know that it is not just about physical fitness. It is also about strategies. When you play football, you need to know the formation, you need to learn how to pass the ball and play as a team. When you play tennis, you need to know what is your opponent’s weakness so that you can beat them. All these strategies in playing sports help in getting the person to think and strategize mentally. Hence, there’s a big advantage in playing sports where it can help you physically and mentally.

So you see, with the huge benefits I have received throughout my life, I realised that these skills can help develop a person on many important life skills – team work, physical and mental strength, and communication. And most importantly, they are healthier!

As said above, my child will definitely learn a few sports. I’m not sure what he will like in the end, but he will get to try all and see which sports he love most. From there, he may then focus on playing a few sports well. Will he become a professional sportsman? Well, that’s up to him!

This article is contributed by Michael Jim, an HR manager in a MNC and an avid sportsman. We would like to thank him for contributing to our site and sharing with us his views on sports and education.