History of longboards

Image result for longboardingLongboard which is also known as skateboard is one of the favorite and loveable sports for people in US and Europe. It has so far not gained that kind of momentum in Asian countries but it is fast catching up in other countries like Australia, Singapore, and Russia etc.

Longboarding requires practice to maintain the equilibrium because it does not have any support system to hold onto. This becomes more dangerous if it gathers speed more than you can run and since it does not have any mechanism to put brakes hence it is not advised to speed up. Regarding braking, there is no universally accepted solution but it is said that if the longboard is speeding beyond your ability to run then you should jump sideways with a balance.

With respect to braking, people have carried out another customization in the longboard design such that they have added the rope at the tip of the board and the other end is tied to the hands of surfer. In case if the longboard gathers speed and surfer has to run sideway then s/he can get hold of the longboard from going further.

Another very famous customized version the longboards is seen in parts of Mexico and Brazil where the platform is created in curve form on both sides and then the surfers run through these well-furnished and smooth surfaces. The curve gives them necessary momentum to remain in air for some time during which they showcase their talent of curving, rotating before landing back on the curve to slide down.

As I mentioned above, longboard has come up with many variants and design and one of the most familiar and reasonable customization is land peddling. The longboard has one long pole which is used to stir the longboard forward and provide direction as if swimming the small boat in the water.

The basic requirement for the longboards is the smooth surface where they can be run through. In some places in US, people are using longboards for commuting from their homes to the destination. One of the pizza delivery center in US has their delivery boys use longboards for sending out the deliveries. According to them, this mode of transport is very convenient and time saving because it can be done on the road, sideways, subways etc. and if there is a blockage surfer can simply pick the longboard and move past the obstacle and start the journey all over again.

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Look at this awesome longboarding feat here:


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