Importance of sports in your child’s daily routine

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Childhood is the most important phase of life. This is the time when your child’s brain develops the most. It is very important that the development is multi facet. One of the worst things that you can do to your child is to force him/ her to just study, study and study. I am sure everyone has heard the famous saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Apart from studies, you should also encourage your child to take part in all possible co-curricular activities. In today’s digital world the significance of sports has increased manifold. If your child does not go out to play with friends, he will keep watching TV or playing video games. This can cause serious damage to the eyes.

If you want your child to excel at studies, it is imperative that he takes part in sports and other activities also. Exercising regularly leads to stronger bones and muscles. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Playing sports is not only a recreational activity, but it teaches us a lot indirectly. When you play a sport like basketball or volleyball, you need to be mentally alert and focus very well. This improves your child’s concentration. In such group sports, you need to also co-ordinate with other team members. This implicitly imbibes makes you a team player. Sports also teach us the importance of strategizing and tactics. You can also find good read about sports online.

As a parent it is your responsibility to help your child balance both studies and sports. You must practice what you preach. If you ask your child to stay fit, you must first exercise yourself. Accompany your kid to public parks or arrange a trainer. If you own a Seaside Residence (and if you don’t have one go and buy  a sea view condo right away), you must motivate your child to go for swimming. In a hot country like Singapore, swimming comes as a respite from heat and humidity. It freshens you up. If you are tired because of physical activities, you will fall asleep quicker. A deep sleep is very important for brain development. But, make sure that you do not push your child for extreme workout if he is not ready.

Teach your child that it is very important to do the physical activity today in order to shape their future. Unless you have a healthy body, you cannot enjoy any of the life’s fruits. You will have lower risk of developing diseases in older age. Participating in sports and other health activities also gives you the chance to meet several other people. You never know, you can find ‘friend for life’ in one of those friends. To know the benefits in detail check out below:


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