A guide to practice yoga at home

Yoga is gaining its popularity among many working adults that we have come across. It is an activity that has helped many people to distress. In busy cities we have seen a rise in number of signups in Yoga classes singapore and hong kong .

Now, if you were to do yoga at home, would it be better, or the worse?

Here with us at Try All Sports, is a yoga student who has started learning yoga since 2012, and she shares with us the benefits of doing yoga at home, and a guide for you if you like to do it at home too!

Let’s welcome Jenny!

Nowadays were having a hard time to plan our daily routine, we are thinking most of the time to have some work to sustain our daily needs. Well that is not bad but sometimes we forgot to take care of ourselves.

If you have a hectic schedule and you just wanted to stay at home rather than going to gym to have exercise and pay for it and the solution to this is doing yoga. Here are some tips for you to do yoga without leaving your home.

Tip number one, look around at your place and find a comfortable spot for your yoga practice. It is more convenient to do your yoga exercise in a place where is peace and quiet and as much as possible be in a place that gives you a big space to do yoga.

After finding a spot for you to perform yoga place your yoga mat unrolled, if you want something to add spice or thrill try things like candles which has aroma on it to make you feel more comfortable.

Tip number two, get your yoga accessories. Yoga mat is the only thing you needed to perform your exercise but you can add something up which could be more convenient for you.

Bring out your artistic side to decorate your surroundings but actually this is not needed because if you overdo it maybe you will not be interested in doing your exercise.

It is advisable that your surrounding must be peaceful, quiet and can make you comfortable and be able to focus.

Tip number three stay safe, prevent injury. Before performing poses you should have a warm up exercise first for a couple of minutes, you must take care of yourself and don’t push too much to do such pose. Remember always to watch your boundaries you don’t have a mentor or instructor that can help you when you are getting injured.

Tip number four, choose your yoga style or routine. Ask yourself what does your body and mind need. Pick a teacher and a style that will help you in your exercises, that is suitable for you. Having a teacher to discuss to you all the basics things you need to know and try to observe every detail your mentor is teaching is a great help.

Somehow you might notice some poses that is hard for you and if that happens don’t push too much to perform that because it can only lead to injury. Remember safety first.

Tip number five, enjoy your practice. If you find it hard to perform such poses don’t push yourself to do so since every one of us has limitations, so don’t overdo it. Just enjoy yoga because if not you will never achieve what you want.

Tip number six, always stay relaxed and practice yoga regularly. After having yoga you better have some relaxation time, it is important for you and in fact you really needed it.

Don’t make all of your time just doing yoga, your body needs to relax too and also think that you still need to have enough energy for other things you must do. You must do it regularly, set specific time when you will do it. Add this to your daily routine, so get your mat and practice more.

I hope these tips does help you prepare your home for yoga sessions. If you are interested into yoga, you can also check out this video on weight loss yoga, on youtube. It might be a little advanced, but these exercises are helpful for you, and can be done at home as well.


Thank you Jenny for your detailed sharing! We believe this sharing of your yoga experience will inspire more people to take up yoga, even if it is at a big class, or a private session at home.

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See you at the next Try ALL Sport edition.


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