Is Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck worth 16 million?

Lots of talks has been surrounded around the latest player purchase for the EPL 2014/15 season. There are clubs who spend hundreds of millions on new players, while modest clubs like Arsenal just spend enough to get the right players.

One player who caught our attention is Danny Welbeck. His transfer to Arsenal on deadline date shocked many, as he grew up in Manchester, and even played for ManUtd his whole entire career. He’s just sold to their rival Arsenal for 16 million pounds.

Anyway, that’s old news. Danny has made an impact by scoring his first career hat-trick with Arsenal in the Champions League. Today, he’s on the headlines.

He just helped Arsenal knocked out his old club, Manchester United out of the FA Cup. Two thumbs up for Danny, and Two thumbs down for Man Utd, for going trophy-less for the second straight season.


So the question is… Is Danny Worth 16 million?

Before the quarter finals game, all odds were against Arsenal. They have not won at Old Trafford since 2006. And they have not even beaten Man Utd in their last (forgot the count!) number of games! Not to even mention, Arsenal got beaten at home this season in the league with LVG’s worst defence.

The only difference Arsenal had this time, is an almost fit squad, with bigger name players like Ozil, Sanchez in their lineup. Now, we can add in Danny Welbeck too. Check out this decisive goal that came back to haunt Louis Van Gaal in his words “Danny Welbeck is not good enough for Man Utd”.

Danny has eight goals and a couple of assists to his name. Is he worth the 16 millions Arsene bought him for? That’s too early to know. But we can at least conclude, he is worth as much as knocking Man Utd out of the FA Cup.

This article is written with a slight biasness because the writer is a fan of Arsenal. Take it easy, Man Utd fans!


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