Is your team up for extreme sport activity?

Are your team up for extreme sports?

When companies think of things to do for their departments, one of the ideas are usually about sports. Football, Tennis, Basketball and so on. Of course, all these are sports that can get the people together and have fun. However, that’s not what most people are going for. After all, they can do these simple sports themselves outside their own working hours.

What companies are looking at, are the extreme sports that their people can take part. No no, I’m not talking about sky diving or parachuting. That’s too extreme. I’m referring to those physical high elements games that companies would like to have when they have their corporate retreat. For Singapore, it can be activities like rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, ‘flying-fox’. These games require a certain physique and strength from the participants.

Teams with young people will love them. It gives them the challenge to do something out of their comfort zone. It challenges them to take up a new activity that they will hardly try it out themselves. Here are some of the clips of these physical team games.

On the other hand, not many company staff would enjoy them. People who are in their early 40s may not appreciate them because they are not as strong and fit as those young ones. If the company insist on bringing them out for these activities, they may realise that most of them would sit out of the games, and wait for less physical ones. These people are also usually in higher management, and they may have tried these outdoor adventure games when they are younger.

So what type of games do these senior folks go for?

Activities that will challenge their way of thinking. They want to play games that will get them to think more than to move more. Thinking games are hard but people love these type of puzzles. Once they solve it, they are really happy. It can be the same excitement as the young guys who climb to the top of the rock wall.

Companies like Deep Impact Pte Ltd Singapore organise highly experiential teambuilding that gets everyone in the company to be involved and solve challenges that makes them think hard, and challenge them to think out of the box. This whole experience will get them to learn and relate back to their workplace.

For high elements games, places like Bintan is famous for that and you can engage trainers and facilitators in the Bintan resort itself for those games. The trained facilitators will guide you to ensure your safety while you are playing them.

So, is your team up for the challenge?

There’s not one answer to it. Just find the most suitable challenge and face them!


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