A brand new TA Sports Office for 2015

Yes. We may be quiet. But we are not gone! We know that the sports scene has erupted ever since world cup 2014. Germany has been crowned champions, but that’s not the point.

Germany won the hearts of many, including the women who love watching the guys playing football. Alright, a little bit of banter here.

Just some updates as we head into 2015. We are moving office! We are seeing some growth right here, and we want to make sure everyone is with us for the next few years. We have locked in a few locations for our new office.

Office set up wise, we are looking for comfortable settings. We are journalists by the way, and computer usage is more than 8 hours a day. Hence, there definitely needs to be a healthy standee for everyone to work on the desk in the right posture.

All office tables and chairs will be purchased by our colleague, Roger. He may be a quiet guy but he’s quite into these type of interior design stuffs. He’s always on the lookout for new office chairs for sale in the open market. By the way, we are not a big public company who has tons of money. We are starting a company, and building our way up. Hence, there needs to be financial savviness in managing money.

Only if we are like ESPN… and their office is like …



Alright. No photos now. But you get what we mean.

An open table, with 1 laptop to each journalist/writer.

Maybe.. just maybe… we have a small corner for relaxation and play time. Of course, we hope to grow as big, and then have office layout like





These are our main aim. Maybe our goal to be accomplished in 5 years – 2020.

Meanwhile, Here are some of our past articles in 2014. Hope you enjoy what we have shared. We know we may still fall short in some areas, hence we will do our best this year to provide more good stuff for you!

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That’s about it! We will be back! Watch us for 2015!