Luxury Properties of Football Stars

For today’s topic on sports, we move a little outside the football arena. Wait, we are still talking about football, but not about the game. We are talking about its football stars and their luxury lifestyle. We all know they make millions of dollars every year. With that kind of salary, what houses do they get?

Take a look at this list of highest paid football stars.

The one who came up top is Cristiano Ronaldo. We are sure you know who he is. He worked his way up from the bottom to the top, and we have to give him credit for that. Based on the FORBES list, the Real Madrid star earns about 52 million a year. So the house he stays…


Looks quite magnificent, isn’t it?

How about another football star who is always compared to C. Ronaldo? Yes, we are talking about Messi. We can’t find much about Messi’s house openly like other stars, but we did find out that he intend to have his house design his way.

Check it out!


The Barcelona star earns about 41.7 million a year. That house looks more like a parliament house. That is an artist impression though. We are still waiting to see what’s inside his house. Will it be messi (pun intended)?

How about the once-adored David Beckham? He may have retired from the sports, but we know how famous and wealthy he is. His endorsements is probably more than his wages. The retired ex-England Captain retired in 2013 with his last game with PSG.

Since then, he has his own fashion label, among many other businesses he has. And his house…


Is that a house?

No! it’s a Palace! The latest news today is that the palace is on sale. Not sure why, but it would be interesting to check out who would be the next buyer. Any names?

**Our Sports Writer dream house:


Our sports writer based in Singapore shared with us his new dream home. Yea, it may not be that impressive as those you see just above, but the North Park Condo is just right for our modest writer. It’s his first new home, so let’s give him some encouragement. Maybe, just maybe, when he grow our site Try-All to a world sports site, then he can be one of the interested buyers for Beckham’s palace.

Which other famous sportsmen houses impresses you? Do share with us below!