What can sports teach you about building a strong team?

team leadershpWhenever we watch sports, there will be two teams of audience. The first team of audience will be interested in the results of the game. Who’s winning? Who scored the goal? What happened during the match? Who’s the man of the match?

On other hand, we have the second team of audience, people who are interested in the build up of the play. They will throw up with statements like “Wow, they can really work well!” “The team manager must have played his star players at the right position” “The team who win deserved it because of a combined effort!”

Did you see the difference?

Many sport enthusiast will focus on the first group of audience – the people who are interested in the fun of the game. However, sports is not just about a score. It is also not about super star players only. Many companies and executives have used sports as a topic to inculcate teamwork, leadership, team spirt, and peak performance.

No, we are not referring to getting the executives to train up and learn to play sports as a team. They are using the strong principles behind winning teams in sports to apply to their corporate work culture. They will analyse the core winning principles why some sport teams flourish, while some flounder.

As shared by TeamTrainingSingapore on team leadership, “If we analyze sports, you will see that winning teams are successful not because of a superstar player, but of a superstar team. Only when you have people who can work together and achieve together, then you can have a winning team.”

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Now, let’s look closer to what makes a winning team. First, it is definitely the team manager. The manager has to know how to lead, and where to lead its people. This goes the same for companies. The CEO is the one leading the company. He has to know where the team is going, and know how to bring them there.

Just like a sports team, the CEO has to set the goals for the team to work towards them and achieve. The goals have to be clear, and everyone must understand the goal clearly. Clarity is power. When the leader is clear, the team members will be clear.

What’s next after the leader? Everyone in the team! 

Most leadership principles focus on the leader only, and not on the team members. That’s a big mistake. The leader is good only if he has a good working team behind him. When the team is able to focus on a core mission and work together towards that mission, then we have a strong team here!

The team members must also know their individual role. Just like an orchestra. Even though it is made up of different instruments, every musician know specifically what their role is in the orchestra, and they know what to play.

This is exactly the same for the corporate team. Yes, people have their own roles, and they have to be clear about their own roles. Only this way, we can maximise the person’s potential. When everyone in the team plays to their best in their role, the whole team is a high performing team!

Hence you see, sports is never about kicking a ball around, seeing a manager shouting from his bench, or players hugging one another in celebration. There are science, principles and lessons to learn behind building each winning team.

Now you have come to the end of the article. The way you look at sports and leadership will not be the same again.